Call Completion Engine

The e-horizon Call Completion Engine (CCE) translates lost operator revenue from unsuccessful or uncompleted calls into cash. The Call Completion Engine is a mobile operator cash machine.

The Call Completion Engine includes conventional voices mail services and Missed Call Notification for non-voicemail users. However, the e-horizon Call Completion Engine takes call completion far beyond such traditional services and includes e.g. new personalization innovations provided by the Profile-Me service.

The Profile-Me is integrating smartphones of any brand with the mobile network and allows the mobile subscriber to appear with a different profile in the mobile Universe depending on who is calling. In a sense, the Profile-Me is the Facebook of voice calls and taps into the evolution of social media networks.

For classic voicemail and Missed Call Notification services, the CCE provides the latest features that the mobile subscriber market is asking for. This includes features like roaming awareness, voicemail security and visual voicemail.