Investor Relations

e-horizon is a privately held company which is solving the global problem of mobile operator revenue cannibalization by OTT service providers' VoIP and messaging solutions. These providers increasingly overload the mobile data network, forcing mobile operators to new data investments, while also eating up mobile operators' service revenues. Seven out of 10 operators worldwide are trying to find their own OTT solutions to counter this, and there is a huge global need for a solution like the e-horizon Network Convergence Engine (NCE). e-horizon's solutions also integrate social networks such as Facebook with the core of a mobile network to solve another industry riddle: how can Facebook make money from mobile traffic and how can mobile operators make money from Facebook users? This opens up completely new business models, revenue streams and partner networks. In short, e-horizon works to change the mobile industry.

For an investor who wants to participate in changing the mobile industry, and also wants to invest in Singapore - which is at the epicentre of the Asian engine that fuels the global economy - e-horizon is one of the best investment opportunities.

e-horizon is fully self-financed but is continuously looking into opportunities to accelerate the global market access. For this reason e-horizon has a simple single trench private placement strategy while planning for an IPO in 2015.

The Singapore business environment is protected by a rigorous Companies Act which is closely related to those in Europe and North America.

e-horizon has a thin management layer, which ensures agile business execution and a Corporate Governance in line with SEC and European stock exchange standards. As a result, an investor-friendly minority shareholder environment is guaranteed.