e-horizon provides smartphone-enabled network services to mobile operators worldwide

Many of e-horizon's mobile network services are provided through the Junyverse range of mobile phones, which integrates with the mobile networks through the IMS-based e-horizon Network Revenue Engine platforms. The e-horizon end-to-end mobile network solutions provide the mobile operator with proactive responses to phenomena like Skype and Facebook. The Junyverse mobile phones and the e-horizon Revenue Engine platforms allow the operator to find a new position in the mobile and Internet industry.

Junyverse Mobile Phones

Junyverse mobile phones are smartphone soft devices that provide the end user with a new generation of services ready to change the mobile industry. Junyverse mobile soft devices can be downloaded by mobile subscribers from any smartphone application marketplace. A significant difference of the Junyverse phone compared to other smartphone voice and text communication apps is that the Junyverse mobile phone device always works, even if the end user is not online.

Revenue Engine Platforms

e-horizon's IMS-based Network Revenue Engine platforms integrate the mobile network with smartphones and other mobile devices, which takes network services to a new level. The Revenue Engines can be delivered into any operator IMS-based or legacy mobile network and are LTE-ready. The e-horizon platforms integrate with the existing mobile network's communication and billing systems using industry standard protocols.

The e-horizon Network Revenue Engines are based on the proven e-horizon Galaxy1 carrier grade service platform.