Network Convergence Engine

The e-horizon Network Convergence Engine (NCE) provides the mobile operator with a proactive response to VoIP cannibalization and related revenue erosion. The NCE is a new and innovative service providing a fully integrated mobile network and VOIP service that always works and is under the mobile operator's full control. At the same time the e-horizon NCE provides the mobile operator with a new way to distribute mobile subscriptions using a more efficient e-channel and app store model rather than traditional distribution channels.

The Junyverse phone for NCE is downloaded from an app store by the subscriber, who is empowered to use the mobile services in different ways depending on his or her needs. For example, subscribers can minimize their phone bills by managing their use of Wi-Fi, mobile data network and ordinary mobile voice network depending on the individual data price plans. The Junyverse phone is designed for both consumer and business subscribers and provides voice calls, text messaging and free instant messaging. Anyone can call a Junyverse phone anytime and the Junyverse phone call anybody anytime as well, even if it's off-line. It is a new innovative mobile communication device that always works.

The Mobile Marketing Toolbox included in the NCE system allows the operator to introduce completely new business and partner development models. For example, NCE mobile subscribers can be provided with targeted news and changing banners directly in Junyverse mobile devices depending on demographic profiles.