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    Rapid increase in demand for mobile operator OTT solutions

    2013-02-20 19:25

    Recent research show that the vast majority of mobile operators worldwide are actively looking for operator OTT solutions. After initially attempting to block VoIP services like Skype and Viber, operators are now shifting tactic towards providing their own “operator-enabled” OTT services as a move to strengthen their position in the market.

    “The majority of the mobile operators now recognize the market’s desire for online Internet voice call and messaging services. They also realize that blocking or denying subscribers what they want will not be a successful model. Instead operators are beginning to look  into providing their own OTT services, services that in some respect offer more value to their subscribers than those from Viber, WhatsApp etc.” says Mr A. Berglund CEO at e-horizon.
    The market for operator OTT solutions is generally expected to increase rapidly as a result of this development.

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